Cruise Ship Summer Vacation With A Beautiful Escort

Me and my two best friends decided that we wanted to take a cruise together for our summer vacation from college. Remy was always talking about how he would love to spend some time in an exotic location without a care in the world.

“Why don’t we go on a cruise ship this summer?” Remy suggested. He saw the looks on our faces and added, “Seriously, think about it guys, a few days just the three of us enjoying the breeze no one to hold us back.”

We decided it could be a fun adventure, but that it would be even better to have some feminine company around so we decided to hire an escort. Remy was reluctant at first, but came around after a few hours. After a long discussion on who we’d hire we choose a particularly sexy escort named Liz from Charlotte Escorts. We each had our fair share with ladies but we’d never hired an escort, not to mention for a cruise ship vacation.

The month prior to the vacation had been full of fantasies on how much fun we would have. So when the day came we could hardly contain our excitement. The escort was even sexier upfront. They gave us a tour on the cruise ship and later after the tour we all went to our rooms. My room was next to Liz’s, and Remy and Cody were adjacent to each other.
“I told you this would be epic,” Remy said as we entered my compartment.
“You should listen to Remy more often I can tell he’s the smart one.” Liz chimed in.

“Thank you! Hear that Jack I am the smart one”
“Shut up! She’s just being nice” I jested.

We talked up to late in the evening before we all headed up for dinner. All this while I couldn’t help notice Remy and Liz were hitting it off. They had some connection and by dinner, they even had their inside jokes. After dinner, we all came down to our rooms to take a shower before hitting the Jacuzzi.
When Remy and Cody were done they decided to head off to the Jacuzzi and hang out before we joined them. As I was heading to the shower Liz was also coming out of her room with her towel wrapped around her upper torso, I could see her derriere and part of her back as she closed the door behind her, she turned around and found me ‘staring’ her and I impulsively said.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to… It’s not what it looks…I didn’t know you were heading to the shower”
“It’s ok Jack I’m your escort, you can join me if you want to.”
My heart was racing. ‘Did she mean it or was she teasing me?’ I thought to myself trying to keep my cool. She left me there standing before she turned and asked: “you coming or not?”
“Umm, you can go ahead without me” I replied. Liz and Remy had hit it off pretty nicely, it seemed wrong.
I confronted her about Remy and how close they had gotten during the vacation before she left.

“Remy is not interested in me sexually,” she said after giggling.
I took me by surprise, but the escort was getting impatient and so I gave in. We had our steamy moment before joining Cody and Remy in the Jacuzzi. We enjoyed the view silently as the breeze beat against our skins.
The next day I decided to confront Remy and it turned out to be true. We all told him how nothing has changed and had our fun up to the last day. And that’s how the three-day cruise ship vacation with my best friends and an escort turned out.

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